A brutal history of deportation of Hindus from East Bengal in 1950.

A brutal history of deportation of Hindus from East Bengal
A brutal history of deportation of Hindus from East Bengal  in 1950
History of Hindu oppression-
More than 5 million Hindus were forced to migrate from Bangladesh in 1 month, in 1950. Dhirendranath Dutta ||
In the history recorded by Muslims, the history of Bangladesh (before east Bengal) started from the language movement of 1952. But what happened in this land, from 1947 to 1952, why in this 5 years the Hindus of East Bengal came down from 29% to 22%, you can not find its history anywhere.
No Muslim will write that history, because, then, have seen own face in the mirror. But Hindus need to know that history. So the stories that have been picked up in many bases. Knowing that you will be shocked, understand the real character of your neighboring Muslims. The events that began on 10 February 1952
After the Pakistani claim was raised in the Lahore Resolution of 1940, from 16 to 19 August 1946, Muslims killed about 20 thousand helpless Hindus by celebrating “Direct Action” Day in Calcutta for the sake of Pakistan. Arson-vandalism-looted Hindus home and business center and raped innumerable Hindu girls. By showing fear the Hindus to kill them or to save their life, they also try to convert. Then the Muslims started attacking larger Noakhali, there were about 1,500 Hindus killed brutally, raped almost all Hindu girls from 12 to 42, forced to convert almost everyone. Most of the Hindus are being driven out of birthplace after being subjected to extreme pressure.
The country was divided on the bloodshed of the Hindus, almost two million Hindus and Sikhs died in East and West Pakistan. Rape is about 1 lakh girls and a few crore Hindus and Sikhs being refugees. But by doing so much and getting the country, the Muslims were not happy. They want more, want the houses of the rest of the Hindus and the land and everything else. That is why Hindus have to be killed, women should be raped, they have to evection from the country. In East Bengal, the number of Hindus will be reduced as soon as possible and their spine will be broken.
The plan of the pakistani started from the 1950’s Hindu deportation. Many call it the 1950 riots. But they forget that the riot means fighting between two parties. Such riots have never happened in Bengal. What is happening here is always Hindu torture. Because of this, since 1946, the Hindus of Bangladesh have been killed by only Muslims till now, although a Muslim has not been killed by the Hindus. So, this is the reason that these envy can not be called a riot ? Actually, these incidents have been tried to name in a riotous manner to justify the persecution of Muslims as logicaly right. It’s like this, they also killed, we also killed, there is nothing wrong with it. But there was never a Hindu Muslim fight in Bengal, Muslims always beaten Hindus and were being tortured by them.
Intolerance began since 1946, and this intolerance was sacrificed in the larger Noakhali, Comilla and Hindus of Dhaka. The incidents of subsequent Hindu violence are an elaborate of ’46 intolerance. Many people thought that if the country was divided, Muslims would find themselves in one country, these problems would be settled. But those who thought that they had no idea about the mentality of the Muslims and the aims and objectives. Because of their ignorance, repeatedly, the Hindus of Bengal have been victims of Muslim attacks and are still to be.
In 1946, after Kolkata and Noakhali riots, another notable event was made in 1950. 46 In order to cause the incident, preparations were being made since 1940 and the fields were being prepared. In 1950, the fields were being prepared since 1948.
In the same context, the following events occurred in 1948: –
Dighirkul village of Gopalganj district of the present Bangladesh. A Hindu was fishing in the river. At that time, there was another Muslim preparing to throw a fishing net in front of his boat. In this, the Hindu person prevents the Muslim, he forbids him to throw a net in my fishing area.Two of them are involved in the quarrel. In this, the Muslim thinks that he does not bow down to anyone without only Allah and his insistence does not keep up and his head is falling down to a Hindu. To retaliate, he went to the nearby Muslim village and the Muslim turned that the Hindus attacked a Muslim woman in his boat and disrespected them. At that time the SDO of Gopalganj was going through there by the boat, and he went to the ear, and he did not investigate any form and assumed the charge of the Muslim as the truth and sent armed police forces there to punish the Hindus. When the police came, the local Muslims joined with the police and attacked the homes of the Hindus and looted all the valuable items of the house after brutally beaten regardless of women and men. A pregnant woman has a miscarriage on the spot due to this brutal beating. With the help of police administration, this demonic persecution of Muslims on the Hindus causes a fearful panic and fear of the Hindus mind across the vast area.
Next incident took place in the Gournadi police station of Barisal district. There is a problem between Hindu and Muslims here in the union boards. Some of these Hindus were communist supporters, the communists who were on the side of creating Pakistan. But Communism is the eternal enemy of Islam and Muslims, so soon after the formation of Pakistan Communists were expelled from East Bengal. All Hindu Communists of East Bengal migrated to West Bengal (Kolkata, India) by chase of Muslim and the euphoria of Leftists started in West Bengal.
However, this communist formula is used to punish the Hindus. Created such panic communists can be attacked in the Gournadi Thana, to speard romer armed forces were sent to Gournadi thana from Barisal Sadar. They robbed many Hindu houses in the region and carried away valuable items. Even those home’s owners are not communists and don’t do politics and even don’t stay at home, they are also attacked and looted all the houses. Many Hindus of that region were also arrested and many Hindu students and teachers of the school college were also harassed by being called a communist. In this regard, the then Pakistani government minister Yogendranath Mandal did not receive any remedies filed by the District Magistrate and the Police Super.
Then another incident was reported in Habiganj subdivision of larger Sylhet district. Local Muslim and police together in the homes of the Hindus take away valuable items and set up military patrols in the area to maintain peace and order. Hindus of the area are forced to provide food at this military checkpoint; Not only that, Pakistani militants forced to send Hindu girls to the camp even during the night.
Then came the famous incident of Ila Mitra of Nachole in Rajshahi district. In the name of communist repression, local Muslims with the help of police tortured Hindus and plundered their property. Then the Santals crossed the border to West Bengal.
On December 20, 1949, Muslims create another horrific event in Kalsira village of Mollarhat thana of Bagerhat subdivision of Khulna district. The police conducted an operation to find communists, at village Jhaldanga, three miles away from Kalsira. As a result, some youths from this village fled to Joydev Brahma’s house in Kalsira village. Last time of the night police also attacked Joydev Brahma’s house. After seeing the presence of the police, the youth fled again. Police did not get anybody to started beaten the wife of Joydev. Those young men came back home after hearing Joydev’s wife screaming and started to beat the police in the opposite direction. One police died on the spot and the others were wounded. Being killed by police, Joydev escaped from home after compiling some of his neighboring incidents and other common villagers who found themselves innocent were left in the village. The next day, the Khulna Police Super went to the village with a group of soldiers and armed police, and everyone started attacking the Hindus in the village and encouraging neighboring Muslims to take away the property of the Hindus. The property of Hindus was plundered, many Hindu were killed, many women and men were forced to make Muslim, the idols of the temple were demolished, and in many ways the temple was polluted. Police, military and local Muslims rape many Hindu girls.
On February 28, 1950, Yogendranath Mandal minister of government of Pakistan went to visit in the village. He went and found that the village was devastated, only 3 of the 350 houses were left untouched, the rest of the houses were destroyed. All the boats, cows and goats of Hindus have been robbed. All these oppressed, homeless Hindus of Kalshira fled to Calcutta on one day and were forced to live in untimely plight and when these stories were published in newspapers, some communal tensions in West Bengal also arose. But the news of this communal tension was published exaggerated in the newspapers of East Bengal, although the newspapers kept the eyes closed during the joint attacks of the police-Muslims on the Hindus in East Bengal.
For the incident of Kalshira and Nachole, the Hindu legislators of the East Bengal Assembly want to discuss in a resolution, but the proposal was rejected, in which the Hindu legislators deserted the Parliament and left the House. In this walk of the Hindu MPs, the Muslim League government was very upset and after 1946, they made plans to regulate Hindus again. The propaganda and provocation of East Bengal newspapers with the communal tension of Kolkata was also done, along with another incident in Dhaka on 10 February 1950; Which provokes Muslims to attack the Hindus; The incident happens-
A woman dressed in a red cloth was rotated in the Secretariat of Dhaka and it was preached that the two breast of that woman cut off the Hindus of Calcutta.
This campaign believes that all the Muslim employees of the Secretariat did work and went out on the street to give slogans to the Hindus to take revenge. The foolish Muslims did not even think of it, if someone cut off the breasts in Kolkata, it is not possible to walk properly in Dhaka and it is not possible to shed fresh blood. After the development of the communication system, the bus distance of Kolkata-Dhaka is about 8 hours; In 1950 it was about 24 hours. If cut the breast in Calcutta, how can some breast bleed even after 24 hours ? But in the words, there is no lack of finesse. Even the Muslims did not, the anti-Hindu procession, which started from the secretariat, was about 1 mile long to grow and went to Victoria Park and took a huge gathering at 12 noon. In that gathering, Muslim League leaders protested against the Hindus in the rally and the rallies should not end the attacks on Hindus in the entire Dhaka city started.
Everywhere in the city there arson and looted houses and shops of Hindu. Where he got it, started killing the Hindus. All the police officers, including high officials, did not see the looting, murder and arson just like silent spectators, they started giving the impression to the rioters, by teaching techniques and encouraging the Muslims in these works.
Minister of Government of Pakistan Yogendranath Mondal reached Dhaka from Karachi this day and stayed in Dhaka until February 19th. On 11 February, he requested the Chief Minister of East Bengal to take action to protect the Hindus, but no words were heard in his words. In contrast, Hindu persecution continued. About this time, he wrote, “During the 9 days of Dhaka, I visited almost all the riotous areas of Dhaka and its adjacent areas. The news of the killing of hundreds of innocent Hindus in Dhaka-Narayanganj and Dhaka-Chittagong railways caused me a great deal of pain.”
Jihad in Islam is always a profitable matter. Because, with this, the matter of the property of the gaaniemat, ie the property of the booty involved. In Dhaka, when these killings, fire extinguishers and their property are being run on the Hindus and thus Muslims of Dhaka are benefiting, why the Muslims of Barisal will be lagging behind this profit ? So another incident happened in Barisal. At that time there was another leader of the Muslim League and a strong hero of Pakistan A.K. Fazlul Huq was staying in Kolkata to sell his house in Jhawtola Road in Calcutta. There is a need to start and loot the Hindus, but there is an issue for this. In the city of Barisal false rumors were spread that the Hindus had killed Haq Saheb in Kolkata. Those Muslims who have been blooded in cloth, can take thousands of Hindus to death in Dhaka and surrounding cities, can loot their property, set fire to houses, and rape women, Haq Saheb have survived to the Muslims, No really dead, there is no need to know exact information. So started the killing, rape and looters in present-day Barisal, Bhola, Patuakhali and Pirojpur, Barguna districts. About 7,000 Hindus are killed in these four districts. Should we imagine the rape, arson and robbery ?
In Dhaka and Narayanganj, murder-rape-looting and arson were already going on, with Barisal it was expanded again in Comilla, Chandpur, Brahmanbaria, Noakhali, Sylhet, Faridpur, Gopalganj and Madaripur districts. All of these districts were killed in February 1950, about 50 thousand Hindus.
After getting the news of Barisal City’s situation, Fazlul Haq stopped selling the house and returned to Barisal and go to the 16 places in the city and adjoining areas, “come to know, I did not die, but what did you do?” But who listens to whom ? It is obligatory for Muslims to burn a Quran during jihad. I am not saying this, on February 5, 2012, Hefazat-e-Islam gave this information during the burning of Quran in Dhaka. So at that time, listening to Fazlul Huq was more important to violent Muslims than to kill the Hindus, rather than suspending their actions. For this reason, Fazlul Huq, who came to Barisal in his own body, could not stop the Muslims from killing Hindus. Although this time, he was convinced of Fazlul Huq’s closure to stop the killing of Hindus; But also do not forget that Huq was a devoted supporter of the creation of the Pakistan state, which meant that Muslims had so much blood for Hindus. In the Lahore Resolution of 1940, Fazlul Haque became the first Pakistani state; Direct Action Day of 1946, he was a silent supporter and in 1946, the two or four Muslims who were arrested in Noakhali case, Fazlul Huq recommended them to be released.
However, after receiving this news of Barisal, Jessendranath Mandal went to Barisal from Dhaka. Regarding the situation there, he wrote, “I reached Barisal on February 20, (1950) and I was shocked to hear the riots in that area. Many Hindu houses were burnt in the district and many Hindus were killed. Every riot-hit area of ​​this district I visited. I did not really understand how the motor from just 6 miles in the district town The Muslim rioters can create a divisive storm in places like Kashipur, Madhav Pasha and Lakhitia by stages, in which 200 people were killed and 40 were injured in the landlord of Madhav Pasha, and at a place called Muladi, the horrors of hell were brought down. During the visit to the Muladi village, I saw the bodies of dead people lying in place The dogs and vultures are tearing the dead bodies apart, I came to know that after killing all the adult males at wholesale rates, all the young women were distributed among the Muslims, 63 people were killed in the village of Kaibotkhali under Rajapur Police Station. They were cut off by plundering the houses and burning them. All the Hindu shops in Babuganj Bazar were stolen and burned first. The details of the summary have been received very little, but only in Barisal district 10 thousand Hindus have been killed. The number of riots in Dhaka or East Bengal will go up to around 50 thousand. I became sad due to deep sorrow. Losing my loved ones, losing children, men and women, all the lost cry and wailing cried my broken heart. I started asking myself, “What is coming in the name of Islam in Pakistan?”
Refugee Hindus flow to India:-
Even though a few incidents of separation in 1948-49, which have been mentioned above, even though the mass uprising started on the Hindus since February 1950 has continued throughout the month. Understanding this looted mentality of Muslims and not living with these jangles, the emigration of Hindus started flow to India for future security. At that time, trains of Kolkata, Gooland, Parbatipur and Khulna were available from these three places. For this reason, millions of Hindus, houses, land-plots in the northeast, including Dhaka, Mymensingh, Comilla, Chittagong, Faridpur district, left all the possessions and started to come together for liberation in Goalanda. Hindus of the northern regions of Parbatipur and Hindus of West and South including Jessore and Khulna at Khulna Station The Hindus of the districts near the border entered the countryside by bus or on foot in India. The only way to go from Barisal to Calcutta was the waterway. Therefore, Barisal, Patuakhali and Hindus from Bhola started gathering so much that it became impossible to accommodate the place in the jetty.
Source: Collected from the news published on eibela the online news portal this year 17-08-2016. Translation of the World Hindu Struggle Committee’s Chief media coordinator Nihar Ranjan Biswas. While translating this news, he himself could not keep the tears.
The Chief Minister of West Bengal, the savior of the refugee Hindus Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy:-
West Bengal Police Detectives gave this information to Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, that millions of Hindus gathered in a railway station and steamers Ghat, Barisal, Chandpur, Narayanganj, Goalanda, Khulna gathered and screaming in a one cloth for coming to West Bengal. After listening to this news, Mahatma Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy contacted with the two British Steamer companies – RSN and IGN – Kolkata and London officials, and Dr. Roy at the request of the company, the company authorities run several special steamers from Barisal Steamer Ghat to Jagannath Ghat of Kolkata for almost a month. In this way, almost one lakh Hindus from Barisal, completely empty-handed, crossing the sea journey of almost 3 days, Kolkata reached the sea journey. When the steamers with these insolvent Hindus used to anchor the “Man of the War jetty” in Jagannath Ghat, Kolkata, the relatives of Kolkata were tired of tears. I do not know what is going on in reading this para, but in writing this paragraph, the disloyalty of the Hindus and the sadness of these Hindus is due to the activities and generosity of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, have brought water to my eyes several times.
It is not the end here, the railway station and the steamer ghat is a system of refugee Hindus going to West Bengal, but such a system of Hindus in Dhaka has not yet been done. On the other hand, Muslims are killing Hindu one after another in Dhaka. Hindus start gathering in fear of life at the airport, if in any way can be reached to Calcutta by airplane, in this hope. He also gave a solution to the news of the Mahatma, Dr. Bidhan Roy the provision was that, the founder president of Air Wage India Limited. He did not sit in the hope that Jawahar Lal Nehru what would give instructions from the center, and some of the officials of the airline company called Roy and said, “Send as much as possible the planes to Dhaka, and those who bring them will not ask for any rent from them.” Again, my eyes filled with water, Dr. As per the verdict of the judgment, 16 planes rescued helpless Hindus in Dhaka taken to Kolkata. On 18 February 1950, in a helpless and poor condition, one of the ships was forced to come to Calcutta, a respected Hindu warrior Rabindranath Dutta; Through whose writing we came to know that many incidents of Hindu violence in 1946 and 1950 were.
However, from his pocket Dr. Roy paid hired planes and steamers to reach Hindu refugees in Calcutta. At that time a few ships from Barisal, some Hindus came to the Andaman Nicobar Islands. From there they are living in exile. I think this event happened with Nehru’s strategy. Because the refugees who spend so much money on his pocket money for the Hindus, who saved the helpless Hindus and moved to West Bengal, could not send some Hindus to exile in Andaman. There was surely the pressure or conspiracy of Nehru from the center.

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