Distribution beef among the Hindu students, head master detained.

Distribution beef among the Hindu students, head master detained.
A school in Bogra has been accused of distribution of beef dishes among 65 Hindu students. The incident on Saturday (September 29th) was known on Sunday morning. Then the Hindu community members detained Head master Md. Hannan and handed over the police. However, the headmaster demanded that the hotchpotch was cooked with only Matton.

Head Master Hannan

Bogra Sadar Circle Additional Superintendent of Police (Media) Sanatan Chakraborty and others said that, on Saturday the Peerghacha AF Girl’s High School authorities organized mother rally . Newly elected opposition party whip Nurul Islam Omar was the chief guest at that time. The program, which runs from 11 am to noon, has 300 packets of hotchpotch for the students and white rice, meat and fish for the guests. The hotchpotch is also given to 60-65 Hindu girls students. On this incident, the local people of the area made human chain, demonstration and detained head master Abdul Hannan. After getting the news, police goes to the spot and found peace on the assurance of disciplinary action against the accused and arresting the headmaster.

Students Protests

Protest of traditional religious people,
Parents said that 7 kg of beef was purchased from Pirgacha Bazar for the school program on Saturday morning. Of these, 4 kg for guests and 3 kg students have cooked khichuri (Hotchpotch)
However, the head teacher Abdul Hannan claimed that Khachuri was cooked with(matton) khasir meat. He has been charged with false charges.
Sadar Police Station OC SM Badiuzzaman said that the headmaster of the school was arrested for hurting religious sentiments. Suit and divisional punishment will be take against him. Investigation is on whether there was beef in the Khichuri.
It is to be noted that, after one of the arrest head master Abdul Hannan was released on bail from the court.

Reported by: Nihar Ranjan Biswas.

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