Hindu girl kidnapped and converted to Islam in Pakistan.

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Hindu girl kidnapped and converted to Islam in Pakistan.
Another Hindu girl abducted in Pakistan. The emphasis is on the change of religion. The case of abduction of two Hindu minor girls in Sindh province of Pakistan has not yet been cold, yet there is news of the abduction of another Hindu girl in Pakistan. It is heard that after the abduction of a Hindu young girl Sonia Bheel, her religion has been changed after forced abduction. Senior Pakistani journalist Bilal Farooqi tweeted this kidnapping and made public the information about religion. He tweeted, another Hindu girl, Sonia Bheel, who was kidnapped from Sindh province of Pakistan, was converted to religion.
The senior journalist Bilal Farooqi tweet is as follows:
“Another Hindu girl, a teenager named “Sonia Bheel”, reportedly abducted in Sindh. This comes after the recent alleged abduction and forced conversion of two other Hindu girls “Raveena” and “Reena”. Why is the govt falling to provide security to minorities ?”
Report by – Nihar Ranjan Biswas.
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