Hindu girl, Purnima was abducted for 13 days, speechless family was not rescued.

Mother Shefali Rani has become speechless due to not return daughter within 13 days. Photo-Kalerkantho
Hindu girl, Purnima was abducted for 13 days, speechless family was not rescued.
Mother Shefai Rani and Father Nithur Chandra Gayin Couple has become speechless not getting any information after 13 days of kidnapping of their minor daughter named Purnima Rani, seven-grade Hindu schoolgirl. The couple are now almost speechless; Being miserable is spreading in different places in the hope of getting the girl back. Way to look forward to a dear child. After the Purnima disappeared, mother Shefali Rani was informed that, neigbour Mohammad Ahidul of Badura Bazar of Amkhola union under the Galachipa upazila, has kidnapped Purnima. On 1st April, the members of the Mohammad Ahidul family run away from the area after a case was filed with the Galachipa Police Station. Meanwhile, fleeing Mohammad Ahidul and his famaly members is creating pressure to the plaintiff (Anju Rani) to lift the case. Meanwhile, Mohammad Ahidul quickly changed the position, police are finding it difficult to catch the accused.
These information came to the notice of the families of Purnima and police, when went to Badura village.
In this incident, Anju Rani aunty of Purnima filed a case with Galachipa police station on 1st April, accusing six people, including his father Shahidul and mother Parul Begum, as the main accused Mohammad Ahidul (21).
The investigation officer of the case Galachipa police sub-inspector (SI) Md. Abu Jafar Siddiqui said a full-fledged student of Purnima of 7th class of Hindu religion has been kidnapped in Badura Bazar of Amkhola union of Galachipa upazila. Since the case was filed in the police station, we conducted operations in more than one place. But the accused did not have the ability to arrest because they quickly shifted. But hopefully it will be possible to rescue Purnima within one or two days. Recognizing the case of threatening the plaintiff to withdraw the case, he said, firstly, given importance of Purnima rescue.
Meanwhile, Purnima’s mother Shefali Rani said, “Bring my daughter to me.” I do not know what she is in. Instead of giving my daughter to me, the people of the home of Mohammad Ahidul threatened to withdraw the cases at different times. I want justice.
Kalerkantha/4th April, 2019.
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