International Democracy Day.

Shipan Kumar Basu President (whsc)
Sheikh Hasina Let’s get down releases democracy, Awami League Let’s get down released people’s of Bangladeshi. This is the only slogan of the people on International Democracy Day. Today is September 15, International Democracy Day. Today is International Democracy Day all over the world but it has no significance for the people of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina killed Bangladesh’s democracy by pressing throat on 5th January. 2014 and buried of it by her own hand on 30th December 2018.. Begum Khaleda Zia (former prime minister and BNP chairperson) had earlier destroyed democracy on 15th February 1996, through pre-planned partial election without participating voters.
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The world communities are well aware that the people could not vote in the January 5 elections; As a result, Sheikh Hasina showed 154 MPs as win without any contest. Even though the pre-election date was December 30, the Awami League terrorists filled the ballot box at midnight on December 29, at the behest of Sheikh Hasina. On the day of the election, only results are announced. At the time cooperated in this robbery, who the police officers recruited and promoted during the tenure of Sheikh Hasina, some dishonest election officers, some selfish administration officers, some corrupt secretaries and bureaucrats. Sheikh Hasina then took the whole process as a “complete package” of voting robbery in a digital manner. The Chief Election Commissioner Nurul Huda was in charge of the package. At the behest of Sheikh Hasina, the chief election commissioner Nurul Huda declared wim 293 MPs out of 300 seats from Awami League Party. After the January 5th elections, ruling part’s terrorists started murdering, disappearing, rape, gang rape, kidnapping, minority torture, forcible conversion in all over the country and the illegal Hasina government removerd the writings of Hindu writers from textbooks of schoo; and college and included hate speech against Hindus and all non-Muslims in the text books. Raushan Ershad is the main opposition leader of the current illegal parliament and main associate of Sheikh Hasina who is a mastermind of vote robber and wife of ex. autocracy and a former military ruler president Hussain Mohammad Eshad. Hussain Mohammad Eshad was include Bismillah in the constitution of Bangladesh on July 8, 1988. Later, under Sheikh Hasina’s rule, he worked as a major ally in Islamicizing the country and destroying democracy. For this, the people of Bangladesh do not want to see Ershad’s wife in Parliament. After the December 30 election, crime and corruption have multiplied more than ever in the past. Particularly egregious crimes like minority torture, rape of minority girls, gangrape, murder, abduction, forced conversion, land grabbing, extermination, dispossession, idols and temple vandalism. There has also been an increase in multiples of rape, murder and abuse of boys in the Madrasa. Awami League people are more involved with such incidents. You will get a clearer idea only if you read the reports published in various Newspapers. The only question in the minds of people all over Bangladesh is that no country can run in this way. Sheikh Hasina is the only leader in the world who has killed and buried the country’s democracy. Moreover, she is the only totalitarian sectarian leader in the whole world, during which time Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and indigenous people of Bangladesh have been the worst victims and forced to leave the country after being tortured. On today’s International Democracy Day, I requested to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the world leaders and begin your activities to restore Bangladesh’s democracy. Otherwise, Sheikh Hasina will declare Bangladesh as an Islamic state soon and implement Sharia law. Then there will be no Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and indigenous people in Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh do not want to see Sheikh Hasina in the power for a moment. They do not even want to see Khaleda Zia as prime minister instead of Sheikh Hasina. The people of Bangladesh now demand only one; that is to establish a new secular and democratic government at any cost. Where Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and indigenous people will be able to live with a peaceful coexistence. People of Bangladesh’s civil society, student society, professionals, intellectuals, journalists, businessmen, farmers and working people think that, Lion Aslam Chowdhury, a prominent human rights activist and imprisoned leader, will be the only alternative to secular Bangladesh.

Shipan Kumar Basu


World Hindu Struggle Committee.

Date: 15th September, 2019.

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