Kalbharab’s ‘Mahadev’ was murdered with poison.

A cow in Brahmanbaria’s traditional Kalvavirab temple has been accused of poisoning a cow. The cows were found dead in a land in Titaspara area of ​​Sadar upazila on Sunday morning. Locals are rushing to the spot to see the cow.
The temple authorities said that about 10 years ago, this cow, which was born in the temple, was called ‘Mahadev’. All day long cows roamed around the city. It was also beloved, not only to the Hindus, but also to Muslims. News has been published in several media outlets.
A few days ago, the temple authorities accused the cow and who was injured.
Swapon Bhattacharya, the priest of Kalbhairab temple told reporters that the cow never harmed anyone. The cow was killed by poisoning our thoughts. They want justice for the culprits in the fair investigation.
Sadar Model Police Station visited the site after the news of the death of the cow.
Sadar Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mohammad Selim Uddin told that the police have been sent to the spot after receiving the news. We are investigating the murder charges.
6th January, 2019, news source- Report by Nihar Ranjan BiwasKalbharab’s ‘Mahadev’ was murdered with poisonKalbharab’s ‘Mahadev’ was murdered with poison
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