Kidnapped Hindu girl child Deepa has not been rescued yet

Kidnapped Hindu girl child Deepa has not been rescued yet, arrested 4.
There is still no discovery of the missing three-year-old girl “Deepa Rani Puti” since Sunday noon in Barisal. However, the police detained four people, including Rasel, demanding ransom.
Police claimed that they would be able to rescue Deepa Rani Puti.
On Monday, on the charges of kidnapping and ransom, her father Binoy Samaddar filed a case in the Kotwali Model Police Station alleging unknown identity.
Police OC Nurul Islam said all efforts are being made to rescue the child Deepa Rani Puti.
The OC also said, Rasel of the college road area, demanded 40 lakhs taka from Deepa’s father Binoy Samadder. Police arrested four people including Rasel and his brother Sajeeb. But Rasel told the police that they did not have any synthesis with the disappearance of Deepa. After the disappearance of the child, the greed of money he call and demanding 40 lakhs taka ransoming to her father. However, the current location of the child Deepa still can not be confirmed by the police.
Binoy Samaddar complained, his daughter Deepa Rani Puti disappeared mysteriously while playing in front of his house on Sunday morning on the College Road. Later, unidentified people demanded Tk 40 lakhs as ransom.
(News source- Samakal.Tuesday, 8th January, 2019.)
Report by- Nihar Ranjan Biswas.
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