Land grabbing do humiliated Hindu women tied up with trees in Jamalpur district

Humiliated Hindu women tied up with trees in Jamalpur
Land grabbing do humiliated Hindu women tied up with trees in Jamalpur district.
In Jamalpur Sadar, a Hindu woman of minority community tied up with trees and accused of taking possession of land by assaulting other female teachers. This issue was published on social media Facebook on sunday (21st April, 2019)
Sumon Debnath, the school teacher of the farmpara village of Kendua Kalibari in Jamalpur Sadar, alleged that the land dispute was underway with the influential sultan Mahmud Fakir, son of local Mokshed Ali.
Although Suman Debnath had a dispute with 15 decimal of the land, on 18th April, the remaining 16 decimal of the land was occupied including factional land. Sultan Mahmud Fakir made Betel fields within a night in the occupations land.
58-year-old Pratibha Devnath, mother of Sumon Debnath, tied with the tree due to protesting this incident. Meanwhile, Subarna Debnath, school teacher and grand daughter of Pratibha Devnath was assaulted. Later local people rescued them.
Victim Pratibha Devnath said, ‘Sultan Mahmud Fakir tied me with the tree and raised the house on 16 decemol land. In front of my eyes beat my grand daughter Subarna Debnath. I want justice of the land grabber and The torturer whos name is Sultan Mahmud Fakir.
The victim’s family filed a General Dairy in the Narayanpur police investigation center and next day filed a case in the Sadar Police Station against Sultan Mahmud Fakir including 6 others.
Police arrested a person named Nazrul Islam accused of this case on 19th April.. The accused in the case took bail on Sunday. The accused on bail are threatening this minority family.
The influential Sultan Mahmud Fakir denied the allegations of torture and said that he has occupied the land, which he has purchased.
Officer in charge of Jamalpur Sadar Police Station. Salemuzzaman said that police arrested a person after filed a case in the insident. He heard that the accused took bail from the court on Sunday.
Meanwhile, locals demand legal action against the torturers, who has tortured a Hindu women tied up with a tree and a Hindu School teacher.
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