leaked naked pictures and videos of a converted woman  by her Muslim husband through the Facebook, in Kushtia.

leaked naked pictures and videos of a converted woman  by her Muslim husband through the Facebook, in Kushtia. Cheater husband arrested on charges of victim’s wife
(1st October, 2018), a Muslim boy named Nazmul Hossain, was converted a Hindu college student as Muslim from a poor family of Kushtia. After four years of marriage, cutting off the hair of her head, Nazmul Hossain, uploading nude photos on Facebook. A group Police of Kushtia Model Police Station arrested him on Monday evening from Shapla Chattar area of ​​the city.
Earlier, at afternoon, this college student filed a complaint against the deceiver named Nazmul Hossain to the Kushtia Model Police Station under Section 57 of the Information Technology Act 2013.

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A BBA student of Kushtia Government College, Suma Rajbongshi alias Mosammat Aisha Khatun, told the journalists that on the way to Kushtia Government Women’s College, about four years ago, Nazmul Hossain, son of Rafiqul Islam of Jugia Haat in Kushtia municipal area, He often teased her. Nazmul then introduced himself to the student as a minority Hindu. At one stage, relationship of them developed. At one stage of the relationship, on November 24, 2015, Nazmul took the college girl to the marriage and took her to Kushtia Sadar upazila of Bettail area near a local Kazi. At this time Nazmul said to him, “I am Muslim, you must be a Muslim”. Knowing the identity of Muslim identity, the college student refused to marry Nazmul. At that time, Nazmul and her unknown 3-4 people signed her on two stamps made before by him with intimidation and got married to him by giving a nomination papers as a Muslim. In the name of marriage, the real name of the father’s father is changed to the name of Sujon Rajbangshi to Sheikh Imtiaz Ali and mother’s name is Afroza Begum Mala written instead of Mala Rajbangshis.
After one and a half years of the marriage, the college student known that Nazmul was married, he had two children and he was involved in various misdeeds.
Asking Nazmul about all these things, he started extreme physical torture on the student. When the level of physical torture reached the extreme, she was forced to leave his father’s house.
On June 26, at around 11 am, Nazmul accepted the motor cycle and admitted to the student’s house and apologized for forgiveness. After apologizing, Nazmul said that he went to Batalbariya Satbariya area under Kushtia’s Mirpur upazila and physically tortured her. At one stage Nazmul had cut hair of her head after being forced into the pocket. At the same time he snatched her used mobile phone. At the time, the locals fled Nazmul after fleeing their screams.
After receiving the news, family members rescued her and brought home. After this incident, Nazmul threatened to his father-in-law and all family members that, if they took shelter from any law and order in this incident, their nude picture and video during relationship will disclose through the Facebook, Internet and social networks. After a few days, Nazmul had previously known student’s Facebook ID and passwords and sent nude picture and video from this Facebook ID to the known people of this girl.
The victims Suma Rajbongshi is a only daughter of day laborer Sujan Rajbongshi of Barakhada North-Para area. After converted was removed her name Suma Rajbongshi and kept as Ayesha Khatun

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