Monsters Has been started the violence against Hindus as a part of afterward the election.

(Is it the part of enjoy victory of National polls ?)

1.Hundreds of Hindu homes attack, vandalism, arson, looted in the Vanga Upazila of Faridpur district.
Everybody known that, Faridpur is the area of current LGRD minister “Engineer Khandakar Moshraf Hossain” and senior Awami league leader and deputy leader of the parliament Mrs Sajeda Chowdhury. We also known that Engineer Khandakar Moshraf Hossain is a father in law of PM sheikh Hasina’s daughter Mrs Patul wajeed.
2. Try to killed a Hindu youth by beating with the strongly iron rod in Paikgacha of Khulna. 3.Nilkamal Saha’s Shop forcibly grabbed at the Sonachur bazar in the Aatpara Upazila of Netrakona
Nokkamal Saha Shop at Sonchur Bazar of Atpara upazila of Netrokona.
Who are those, who are constantly attacking Hindus ? Everyone knows who are doing such this incident, but no one open their mouth due to fearing them.
So, communal terrorism will never stop
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