Minority Housewife Killed In Chittagong.


MURDER:- Minority housewife “Minu Rani Dev” was hacked to death in Chittagong.
Hindu persecution start in Bangladesh without any reasonable issue, if any election come ahead. There is no headache of about it of the government.
Minority housewife killed

Minority housewife killed

A housewife named Minu Rani Dev (34) was hacked to death in Banshkhali under Chittagong police station.
The incident took place at Gondamara Union under Sadar upazila of the district on Tuesday (November 27, 2018). Police arrested Kamal Hossain, the assailant involved in the incident.
The deceased Minu Rani Dev was wife of Jyotishaya Dev of Devapara of Baroghona.
Police said that, there was a quarrel with Kamal Hossain and Jyotishaya Dev for long time with salt cultivation . At midenight 1:00 O’clock, two people came in front of their house and cried out for stealing fish from the pond. But Jyotishaya Dev recognized them and did not open the door.
Then the two men removed the tower bolt by putting their hands in the empty space above the door. After enter the house they beaten to Jyotishaya Dev and his wife Minu Rani Dev. At one stage Minu Rani Dev was stabbed to death and died on the spot.
(NB: Translation from the report published on 30th November 2018 online news portal)
(November 30, 2018)


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