Some miscreants set fire in Hindu homes as part of electoral violence, in Thakurgaon district.

Violence and anarchy in the name of elections has started in the country.

A group of miscreants set fire to the home of Krishna Ghosh to spreads Petrol on Thursday night (December 20, 2018) around 2:00 o’Clock at Singgaa village adjacent to baro khonchabari hat of Thakurgaon sadar Jagannathpur Union of Thakurgaon district. In that time, no one could identify the Miscreants. Because, after setting fire they escaped too quick. Eyewitness said that, quickly spread around it, any how family members of Krishna Ghosh could come out, but a member of the family partly burnt in the fire. Everything is burnt to ashes. Such as, 6 domestic animal Goats’, 8 houses, almost two and half Ton Paddy, A Vane car, A Television. Local minorities and administration officials believe that this incident has been designed and planned to create anarchy before the elections. The victim, Krishna Ghosh, said that miscreants escaped after setting fire at his house on the night. Later, with the help of the local people, they able control the fire but no one could save the house and it’s goods. Now they have to stay under the open sky in this very winter with family members.
NB: All information and images collected from the different FB ID and online news portal date on December 21, 018. Report by- Nihar Ranjan Biswas.

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