Attacks on minorities in Bangladesh.

Attack on minority families in Rupganj, wounded 4.

Minority families have been attacked due to pre-antagonism, in the Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj district. 4 people of the same family were injured and one woman were molested. The incident happened in the Sadar Upazila Rupganj at morning of Saturday (May 04). The complainant, Shri Popel Chandra Das, said that due to pre-antagonism, Tofazzal, Jewel, Sujon, Hasibur, Alam, Mintu and Mamun including unidentified 20 to 25 miscreants were attacked on their family with the domestic weapon and vandalized their house. At this time, due to protest, they attacks on Tapan Chandra Das, elder brother of Popel Chandra Das. Menwhile, came ahead Popel Chandra Das, younger brother Sajeeb Das and his wife Juei Rani Das after heard screaming of Tapan Chandra Das, then they also attacked on them and made injured in the incident of attack. at one stage, they molested Juei Rani Das, w/o Popel Chandra Das. Later, the attackers looted their jewelry shop beside the house and looted cash money Tk.1,20,000/ and 81.48 grams gold, which market price more than TK. 3,15,000/. Mahmudul Hasan, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Rupganj police station said, “Such complaints have been received and action will be taken according to the investigation.” 6th may, 2019. Published on local online newspaper named Narayanjnews

Attack on Satkhira Puja Mandap,30 students of Hindu community can not go to school and college.

20 peoples of Hindu community of a village were beaten to death due to poisonous gum spray and hostile attacks on visitors at the Basanti Puja ceremony. At least 30 students of that community can not go to the educational institution for three days. Many people can not go to the Markets. Members of the Hindu community of Khariadanga village of Dhulihar union of Satkhira Sadar upazila are in constant fear of threatening to be attacked, if filed any case to the police station. But Satkhira Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mostafizur Rahman said on Thursday evening that there is no problem in the area. The police are deployed at the scene and the chairman is trying to reconcile, he said. He said no action was taken against the attackers due to no written complaint. Khariadanga villagers said that people belonging to the Hindu community of Khariadanga village have been held hostage for a long time by a terrorist group, including Abul Kashem and Abdul Kader of nearby Matiadiadanga village. The accused, including Abul Kashem and Abdul Kader, are members of the thieves and robbery gangs running terrorists in the area, identifying the people of the ruling party’s top leader. Abul Kashem and Abdul Quader have at least two dozen cases against various charges including robbery, extortion, fisheries possession. There is a complaint of rape of the girl students of the school toilet breaking vantilator, and allegations of looting fisheries in the neighborhood of Hindus. The allegations have been filed, enter in the boarding house and looting money from the students. Locals said no one was dared to open their mouths because terrorists were armed. Nikhil Chandra Gain, member of secretary of Satkhira Khariadanga universal Puja celebration committee, said that some people including Ashraful, son of Abul Kashem of Matiyadanga village, were making a bad gesture in front of Mandap in the evening of 13th April during Basanti worship in their temples. On protest, the Puja celebration committee threatened Ujjwal Mondal and announced that they will come again on the day of Vijaya Dashami. They went away with the threat of fluttering their hands and feet in the river. Nikhil Chandra Gain alleged that on the day of Bijoya Dashmi on Apr 15, on Monday night, Ashraful and Kader’s son Mim along with some weapon on the shoulder came to beside the Basanti temple. They were spraying gum powder from bowl targeting the devotees gathered in front of the temple. In protest, Ashraful and his terrorists were beaten to death to the five people including Samaresh Sarkar and Bhaskar Sarkar of Dasani village. At this time, the villagers started betean, to save Ashraful, volunteers entered him in the club and informed his father Abul Kashem. At around 10:30 pm, Abul Kashem came in front of the temple ane called on Mobile to his brother Kader, Zakir Hossain,and many others people to the temple. They came and beat 10 people, including Samaresh sarkar and Abhimanyu Roy, of Khariadanga village. Before leaving, they went to Matiadanga market and threatened to break the hands and feet of the village of Khariadanga. After receiving the news, Dhulihara UP Chairman Mizanur Rahman Babu and UP member Muktanuzzaman came to know the matter. On the other hand, the chairman of the incident gave a temporary respite, but […]

Attacks and barriers to Hindu religious ceremony in Dhaka city !

Attacks and barriers to Hindu religious ceremony in Dhaka city ! Today (26 th January, 2019), some Muslim devotees attacked in the Shri Shri Thakur Anukul Chandra’s annual religious function in old Dhaka. The prayer peoples (Jumma Namaj/Friday) has attacked on the annual religious function of Anukul Chandra Thakur held at Pogoj Laboratory School and College (IER Faculty of Jagannath University) in old Dhaka, due to play Hindu religious songs in the Mike. In this attack, they vandalized some chairs and abused the Hindus. Date: 26 th January, 2019.

Attack on Narayan Chandra Biswas (minority) in Agailjhara of Barishal.

Attack on Narayan Chandra Biswas (minority) in Agailjhara of Barishal. Barisal Agayljhara Baghdha Union Aakkor village’s old Kalibari canal is sold every year and it’s money spent on temple work or religious rites, it has been going on for ages, because it is a Hindu holy village, but suddenly this year, Member of Ward no 7 of adjacent village Md. Kalam Howladar started trying to sells the canal and the money is spent in the name Jami Mosque in Chakrabari village. Later, Askar village temple committee member and Juboleague leader Narayan Chandra Biswas got involved in dispute with Kalam Howlader, after some time Kalam Hawladar call his people, along with 8-10 people of his gangster group came and started attacking on Narayan Chandra Biswas and starting abuse to Hindus. And threatened to leave this village to go to India. Later, Narayan Biswas was admitted to Barisal Medical College in a bloody condition. The incident took place in the village of Askar in Agayljhara thana of Barisal district. In the village of Askar, the canal used for this has been used so far in various religious and social work, suddenly it is demanding that the people running from the neighboring village (Chakrabari) UP member Kalam Member (who had already stolen wheat and got a cases), heard Narayan’s scream on seeing the bad condition, the members fled from the fear. And started announce in the area that, the local people and Narayan attacked on the Kalam members. The member himself was admitted to the hospital by spreading the message. On the other hand, Kalam Hawladar started the drama because after seeing the creatures of the Hindus, and was taken to a hospital in Dhaka and later filed false cases against 7-8 people of the local Hindus. In the meanwhile, fear among the Hindus has created fear of getting out of the house. Today there is sadness and anger in the Hindu village. Publication: 24-01-2019 /

The miscreants burned the minority homes in Satkhira.

Miscreants have burnt houses of Pachi Dasi, daughter of fishery woman Basi Rani of Chandipur, village Panchakhali, under the ward no 2 of Burigolini 9 no union in Shyamnagar thana of Satkhira district. Like daily, when Pachi and her husband fisherman Anil Kumar got out for work. Opponent seekers, land robbers planned to evict them and burned their homestead. After seeing this situation, one Ward member, Mustafa Kamal, asked to apply to the Union Parishad and informed the Chairman. Immediately. The chairman of the Burigolian Bhabatosh Kumar Mandal urging help for the helpless family to the well-known people of the area, including journalists and for the helpless family, send to the village police of the Union council including the blankets for winter, rice, pulses, potatoes, on behalf of the chairman. Going to the spot, the local Girindra Nath Mondal said. A group land grabber is planning to evict them for a long time. If you look at the helpless family really, it seems that this world is not for them, this world is made for land grabbers. Upon this report, when contacted by the Union Chairman, Bhabatosh Mandal said for the helpless family he has initiated himself to build houses. Date: 06/01/2019/Saturday/News source from different media.

Kalbharab’s ‘Mahadev’ was murdered with poison.

A cow in Brahmanbaria’s traditional Kalvavirab temple has been accused of poisoning a cow. The cows were found dead in a land in Titaspara area of ​​Sadar upazila on Sunday morning. Locals are rushing to the spot to see the cow. The temple authorities said that about 10 years ago, this cow, which was born in the temple, was called ‘Mahadev’. All day long cows roamed around the city. It was also beloved, not only to the Hindus, but also to Muslims. News has been published in several media outlets. A few days ago, the temple authorities accused the cow and who was injured. Swapon Bhattacharya, the priest of Kalbhairab temple told reporters that the cow never harmed anyone. The cow was killed by poisoning our thoughts. They want justice for the culprits in the fair investigation. Sadar Model Police Station visited the site after the news of the death of the cow. Sadar Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mohammad Selim Uddin told that the police have been sent to the spot after receiving the news. We are investigating the murder charges. 6th January, 2019, news source- Report by Nihar Ranjan BiwasKalbharab’s ‘Mahadev’ was murdered with poisonKalbharab’s ‘Mahadev’ was murdered with poison

Brutally attack on minority Jainath Dev in Khagrachari.

Brutally attack on minority Jainath Dev in Khagrachari. Khagrachari Panchahari Upazila Awami League General Secretary Joy Nath Deb was seriously injured in the attack. After the incident at around 11:30 pm on Friday night, he was sent to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital after initial treatment at Panchchhari Upazila Health Complex. Panchchhari Upazila Awami League President Bahar Miah said that, a group of miscreants, who were masked an attack on Joy Nath Dev on the way to the fair held on Panchsheh upazila parishad ground on Friday night. At that time, they hit the head with sharp weapons and fled. On this incident, he blamed the outgoing Awami League’s organizing secretary Abu Taher and his followers. Panchchhari Police Station OC Mizanur Rahman said, has not yet known who has attacked. But the matter is being investigated. Attempts to arrest the accused are going on. News source- Report by Nihar Ranjan Biswas

By the announce in the Mike of the mosque in the Zakiganj is an attempt to set up communal riots.

By the announce in the Mike of the mosque in the Zakiganj is an attempt to set up communal riots, Afterwards, with the help of the administration and local leaders is resolved. January 5th, on Saturday, two clashes took place between the two sides in connection with the incident of molestation of some students in front of Imdad Majumder Bidanikitane in Mikulkandi area of ​​Khalachara union of Zakiganj. In this incident, Muslim boy Kabir Ahmed and Jamal Ahmed of Mirchanchak village, Hindu boy Akshay Roy, Sushil Ray and Chittaranjan Roy of Mulikandi village were injured. Then some Muslim people in the area announced the mike of different mosques to get over the Hindus. In order to loot valuable items of Hindu home. At the same time, people of Hindu village also prepared to resist the teeth. After getting the news, Zakiganj Police Station, local UP chairman and local leaders were able to calm everyone after reaching the spot. People from two villages are protected from a major communal riot. Otherwise on that day many people could have lost their life. Zakiganj Today Desk: January 3rd, 2017

Monsters Has been started the violence against Hindus as a part of afterward the election.

(Is it the part of enjoy victory of National polls ?) 1.Hundreds of Hindu homes attack, vandalism, arson, looted in the Vanga Upazila of Faridpur district. Everybody known that, Faridpur is the area of current LGRD minister “Engineer Khandakar Moshraf Hossain” and senior Awami league leader and deputy leader of the parliament Mrs Sajeda Chowdhury. We also known that Engineer Khandakar Moshraf Hossain is a father in law of PM sheikh Hasina’s daughter Mrs Patul wajeed. 2. Try to killed a Hindu youth by beating with the strongly iron rod in Paikgacha of Khulna. 3.Nilkamal Saha’s Shop forcibly grabbed at the Sonachur bazar in the Aatpara Upazila of Netrakona Nokkamal Saha Shop at Sonchur Bazar of Atpara upazila of Netrokona. Who are those, who are constantly attacking Hindus ? Everyone knows who are doing such this incident, but no one open their mouth due to fearing them. So, communal terrorism will never stop

Attacks on minorities leader for the murder in Pirojpur district.

Ashis Kumar Baral, chairman of Jalabari union and leader of the minority community in Sarupkathi upazila of Pirojpur district, has been tried killing screwed by long chopper and Hammer. The suspicion finger is to Awami League leader Muhid’s Brother Touhid. On Thursday, 27.12.2018, a group of terrorists attacked in the head of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council leader Ashish Kumar Baral with the long chopper and Hammer. Miscreants escaped in the protest of the villagers. Local peoples took him to Pirojpur Hospital. Speaking on the mobile number 01769694182, Bangladesh Minority Watch President Advocate Rabindra Ghosh told Additional Police Superintendent Kazi Sahnewaj of Pirojpur, he said that he spoke to Ashish Kumar Baral and was with him in the hospital. After recovering, he will file a case against the accused. Uttam Kumar, member of 5 no ward and some others who were injured with Ashis Kumar Baral, said in the cell phone Towhid and his terrorist group was involved in the attack. Towhid is a brother of Mohit, joint secretary of Sarkhakati Upazila Awami League. They attacked three time on Ashish Kumar Baral and filed case against them before the Sarupkathi Police Station. Ashish’s wife Shivani Rani said on mobile phone that, the attackers were roaming with police in the night, but police were not arresting anyone.27/12/2012………. by Nihar Ranjan Biswas.