Hindu Torture in Bangladesh 2018

The attacks on 1819 minority organizations took place only in 2018.

The attacks on 1819 minority organizations took place only in 2018, with the help of administration and the party. From January to December 21, 2018, there have been 1819 incidents of attacks on religious minorities in Bangladesh by the leader of the ruling party including workers and activists of the organization. There are many cases of direct and indirect links to the administration. Adv: Gobinda Chandra Pramanik, Secretary General of Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance said. He said this at a press conference on Saturday, 22/12/2018, in a press conference with the election manifesto of different political parties and the hopeless despondency and foolish thinking of the minority Hindu community at the initiative of Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance in the VIP lounge of the National Press Club, Dhaka. In the written speech, Hindu Mahajore Secretary General Advocate Gobinda Pramanik said that due to the partition of India in 1947, the Hindu community living in the neighborhood is minority. After the establishment of communal Pakistan, zamindars of Hindu zamindars were taken away by the State Accession and Tannery Act, and destroyed the representation and leadership of Hindus by taking 72 reserved seats in Parliament. In the aftermath of the communal riots in 1964, more than one crore Hindus were forced to flee. The government initially occupied it with the name of firstly enemy property after the vested property. When the Awami League calls the country’s independence, the Hindu community voted 100% of the Awami League to win the oppression. After independence, the government of this independence gave lease to various organizations by announcing the abandoned properties of the enemy property act to deprive the Hindu community of their land. Then on May 13, 1973, destroyed by Bulldozer, Ramna Kali Mandir damaged in the war of liberation. Occupied the Hindu University named Swaraswat Samaj. Then in 1990, Ram Mandir and Babri Mosque debate, flame of fire broke out community’s house, Hindu community’s math and temple across the country. Gobinda Chandra Pramanik said that, after the 2001 and 2014 elections, killing of the Hindu community in large numbers, vandalism, and the killing of ordinary religions priests was done in the wake of the war crimes trial and recently on Facebook, on charges of harassment against the Prophet. Always one of the parties blamed the other side for liability.He also said that although 2001’s Hindu torture was discussed worldwide, that time’s BNP government did not judge those criminals, nor punished them. The present government team used to act as a staircase to spread power abroad in different parts of the country on the issue of Hindu violence in 2001, but despite having been in power for the last 10 years, they did not punish any Hindu persecutor. Not only this, in order to bring the present government to power, the Hindu community played an unprecedented role in 2014, but still the Hindu repression did not stop, but all records of the past were broken. Last year, from January to December 21, there were 1819 incidents of attacks, loots, attacked by activists of the leaders of other organizations, including the leader of the ruling party activists in Bangladesh on religious minority communities in Bangladesh. There are many cases of direct and indirect links to the administration. In these incidents, the number of people, families, […]

A Hindu schoolgirl was stubbed to death in Manikganj.

A Hindu schoolgirl was stubbed to death by the local miscreants in Manikganj. A SSC examination candidate named Lucky Ghosh of Jafarganj high school, was stubbed and made her seriously injured by local miscreants. The incident took place around 4:30 pm on Monday. After rescued her in a dying situation admitted her in the Manikganj District Hospital. Lucky Ghosh is a daughter of Nanda Ghosh of Raghunathpur village of Teota union. Hospital duty doctor Mr. Badrul Alam Chowdhury said, there are deep wound mark are in the face and back of the wounded student. The injured student Lucky’s father Nanda Ghosh said that his daughter will be taking the upcoming SSC examination from the local Jafarganj High School (Commerce Department). On her way of home from the tuition center some local miscreants stubbed her unknowingly. Some of the locals rescued his daughter. She was rescued and taken to Utholi Hospital in Shiblaya. After the situation deteriorated then taken to Manikganj district hospital. The schoolgirl’s father said that he still did not report the incident to the police. NB: 10th December, 2018, collected from the news published in the Bangla Tribune.

Shot bullet on son in law of Fisheries and Livestock Minister in Khulna.

Shot bullet on son in law on minister Narayan Chanda to enter the room, in Khulna. Terrorists shot on Pravash Chandra Datta, son in law of Fisheries and Livestock Minister Narayan Chanda to enter the house in Khulna. Now he admitted to Khulna Medical College Hospital in a critical condition. The bullet-hit Pravash Chandra Datta is in charge of Bangladesh Bank’s DGM in Khulna branch. On Friday (November 30th) at night at around 10:30 in the city’s Bakshipara Bailain, terrorists entered the house of Prabhas Chandra Datta and shot him. Doctors at Khulna Medical College said that Prabhas Chandra got shot right of abdomen. His surgery has started. Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (Media and Community Policing) Sonali Sen said, “Attempts to identify and detain terrorists are going on.” (NB: Translated from the report published on 30th November 2018 muktangonnews@gmail.com & news@muktangon.new online news portal) November 30, 2018.

Three times attack on a minority Hindu girls in the Bagerhat Districts of Bangladesh.

Three times attack on a minority Hindu girls in the Bagerhat Districts of Bangladesh. Miscreants fled after stabbed a Hindu woman named Mrs Aditi Baral to entered the house. Aditi Baral is a daughter of Ex. Chitalmari Upazila chairman late Kali Das Baral and women’s parliament member Happy Baral couple. Also she is wife of Ramananda Paul, Pirojpur sadar upazila assistant commissioner (land). This incident took place at Dormitory Building of Pirojpur district administration on Thursday (8th November) at 7:30 pm. After the injured, Aditi Baral was admitted to Pirojpur Sadar Hospital. Earlier on 3 July, she was stabbed again on 3rd July as a Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Ramanand Paul Betagi Upazila. Assistant Commissioner (Land) Ramananda Paul said that on Thursday evening, he and his wife were out to tour. After that, he went to the Deputy Commissioner’s house. After some time he came to know that his wife has been stabbed. Upon hearing the news, he rushed to Pirojpur Sadar Hospital. During the incident, his wife and domestic worker Banna were in the house. The eyewitness said, a young man wearing a blue shirt pressed the calling ball and said that he came from the office. As soon as the door was opened, Aditi Baral was rushed to the spot. At that time, the domestic worker ran away. If you run away threatening while fleeing, will see you. Shakil Sarwar, the duty doctor at the hospital, said that Aditi was hit with a knife in the lower part of his bell. She is undergoing treatment, her condition is out of danger now. Officer in-charge of Pirojpur Sadar Police Station SM Ziaul Haque said that he was kept in police protection. Attempts are being made to arrest the accused. Deputy Commissioner of Police Abu Ali Mohammad Sajjad Hossain said, as soon as we know the incident, we are staying in the hospital. Her security has been strengthened. The police department has been instructed to investigate the matter. It is to be noted that the daughter of Kalidas Baral, a former Upazila chaiman of Chittalmari upazila of Bagerhat, The injured Aditi Baral’s father also died of foul play. After her father’s death, her family would be more atrocious than the miscreants. On December 16, last year was attacked to her in the paternal house in a condition of sleep by broken glass of window and was made her sever injured. It is being suggested from that a terrorist from Bagerhat could come to this event due to the antipathy of the East. Report by Nihar Ranjan Biswas

Communal attacks on Hindu homes at Raipura in Narsingdi.

Communal attacks on Hindu homes at Raipura in Narsingdi. নরসিংদীর রায়পুরায় হিন্দু বাড়িতে সাম্প্রদায়িক হামলা। Yesterday 13th August at 8:00 pm, on the false excuse of hurt in religious sentiments, fundamentalists vandalized Harilal Bhowmik’s house on the western side of Saherchar market, Saherchar village under the Raipura upazila of the Narsingdi district. In the first paragraph about Shri Krishna and second paragraph abour Prophet Muhammad with the critical writing post of Facebook ID, above mentioned address Mohan Lal Bhowmik just given a like and the people of Muslim community in this area went into a rage. Yesterday, the Muslims of this area held repeated meetings at the local mosque and madrasa, and later on, in the Saherchar market, then Radhanagar Union Parishad Chairman A. Sadeq said them to stay calm and after a meeting of Durgapuja, the situation was a bit quiet when the assurance was made to resolve the matter. But (at around 8:00 pm) in the nights a group of extremist Muslims of Bahadurpur and Borchar villages of adjacent North Bakharnagar union council in collaboration with local Mischief, attacked on this Hindu home. Although Mohan Lal’s house could not be vandalized as a Building, they attacked his elder brother Harilal Bhowmik’s house and vandalized. Compared to the outside of the house, they have been vandalized in large numbers into the house and robbed valuables things. After the attack, the Police officers called carpenter on the night from near by village Radhanagar and began to repair the broken house. The carpenters were working till the last news was received. Our photographer (reluctant to reveal the name) said that, the money will be paid by the authorities or the government. Moreover, because of locking the room by the police, he was unable to take pictures inside the house, and he said that Because of this shocking communal attack, There has been intense anger and intense hatred in the area of Hindu society. After the attack, Chairman A Sadek and Raipura Police Station visited the spot. At this time, the chairman said that after the Durga Puja the meeting will solve the matter. On the night after the attack, a group of police of Raipura opolice station led by sub inspector Tarak Nath and chairman A. Sadek visited the spot. At this time, the chairman said that after the Durga Puja will solve the matter call a meeting. Police and rural police are still in the home. নরসিংদীর রায়পুরায় হিন্দু বাড়িতে সাম্প্রদায়িক হামলা। গতকাল ১৩ই আগস্ট রাত ৮ ঘটিকায়, ধর্মীয় অনুভূতিতে আঘাত দেওয়ার মিথ্যা অজুহাতে নরসিংদী জেলার রায়পুরা উপজেলার সাহেরচর গ্রামের বাজারের পশ্চিম পাশে হরিলাল ভৌমিকের বাড়িতে মৌলবাদীরা হামলা চালিয়ে ভাংচুর করেছে। প্রথম প্যারায় শ্রীকৃষ্ণ কে নিয়ে ও দ্বিতীংয় প্যারায় নবীজি কে নিয়ে ফেইজবুক আইডির সমালোচনামূলক লেখায়, উপরোল্লিখিত ঠিকানার মোহন লাল ভৌমিক শুধুমাত্র লাইক দিয়েছিলো, আর এতেই ক্ষেপে গিয়েছিলো অত্র এলাকার মুসলমান সম্প্রদায়ের লোকজন। গতকাল অত্র এলাকার মুসুল্লিরা স্থানীয় মসজিদ ও মাদ্রাসায় দফায় দফায় মিটিং করে,পরবর্তিতে বিরাট আকারের মিছিল নিয়ে সাহেরচর বাজারে অবস্থান করলে রাধানগর ইউনিয়ন পরিষদের চেয়ারম্যান আঃ সাদেক তাদেরকে শান্ত থাকতে বলেন এবং দুর্গাপূজার পরে মিটিং করে বিষয়টি সমাধান করে দেওয়ার আশ্বাস দিলে পরিস্থিতি কিছুটা শান্ত হয়। কিন্তু রাত ৮ টার দিকে স্থানীয় দুস্কৃতিদের সহযোগিতায় পার্শ্ববর্তী উত্তর বাখরনগর ইউনিয়নের বাহাদুরপুর ও বড়চর গ্রামের উগ্র মুসুলসানেরা দল বেঁধে ঐ হিন্দু বাড়িতে হামলা চালায়। মোহন লালের ঘরটি পাকাঘর হওয়ার কারণে ভাংচুর […]

Distribution beef among the Hindu students, head master detained.

Distribution beef among the Hindu students, head master detained. A school in Bogra has been accused of distribution of beef dishes among 65 Hindu students. The incident on Saturday (September 29th) was known on Sunday morning. Then the Hindu community members detained Head master Md. Hannan and handed over the police. However, the headmaster demanded that the hotchpotch was cooked with only Matton. Bogra Sadar Circle Additional Superintendent of Police (Media) Sanatan Chakraborty and others said that, on Saturday the Peerghacha AF Girl’s High School authorities organized mother rally . Newly elected opposition party whip Nurul Islam Omar was the chief guest at that time. The program, which runs from 11 am to noon, has 300 packets of hotchpotch for the students and white rice, meat and fish for the guests. The hotchpotch is also given to 60-65 Hindu girls students. On this incident, the local people of the area made human chain, demonstration and detained head master Abdul Hannan. After getting the news, police goes to the spot and found peace on the assurance of disciplinary action against the accused and arresting the headmaster. Protest of traditional religious people, Parents said that 7 kg of beef was purchased from Pirgacha Bazar for the school program on Saturday morning. Of these, 4 kg for guests and 3 kg students have cooked khichuri (Hotchpotch) However, the head teacher Abdul Hannan claimed that Khachuri was cooked with(matton) khasir meat. He has been charged with false charges. Sadar Police Station OC SM Badiuzzaman said that the headmaster of the school was arrested for hurting religious sentiments. Suit and divisional punishment will be take against him. Investigation is on whether there was beef in the Khichuri. It is to be noted that, after one of the arrest head master Abdul Hannan was released on bail from the court. Reported by: Nihar Ranjan Biswas.

A Hindu family was attacked and looted in Dattara union of Fatikchari upazila.

A Hindu family was attacked and looted in Dattara union of Fatikchari Upazila. The attack took place at the house of Tapan Sodagar of East Hasnabad Kartikpur village on midnight on 1st October. At this time the attackers were attacked on Krishna Rani Dey wife of Paritosh Kanti of Kartikpur village and made her severly injured.   The attackers broken window glass and looted two mobile phones, including the gold chain of the neck. The injured Krishna Rani Dey was immediately sent to Nazirhat Upazila Health Center. When her physical condition deteriorated, the duty doctor sent her to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Meanwhile, the victim filed a case with Bhozpur Police Station on charges of vandalism and looted by Kanti Dey plaintiff.

Sixty one families blocked in their own land in Gopalganj district.

Sixty one families blocked in their own land in Gopalganj, travel by ladders. Hindu widow Alomati Biswas is passing each day eating or without eating, of Nayakandi Tarur Bazar of Kandi Union of Kotalipara upazila of Gopalganjin Bangladesg. They had a shop in the market. Her son used to do business in the shop. They used to have their family with this income. The house has broken the land grabber Nurul Islam Sheikh. Such accusations are not just the case of Alomati Biswas, but also like widows Chipamoni Biswas, Arati Biswas, Subodh Samadder, Sukharanjan Joydhar, Khagen Biswas, Shanti Joydhar, Akkas Sheikh, Nurui Islam and the same type of complaint. They said that the influential businessman of Karafa village of Tungipara upazila has occupied the government land including private land in Nayakandi Taru Bazar of the Kokilipara upazila. 61 families and businessmen have been trapped due to lifting a long wall over the occupied land. Victim Shajahan Bepari said that the family members of these families had to travel through the wall with a ladder. They have suffered severe problems. It is threatened to protest against this. As a result many do not want to talk about fear. I quickly demanded the punishment of the culprits with my return of land. Another victim, Aroj Ali, said, “I have occupied eight decimal land of there of my three brothers with Nur Islam and we threatened our destruction if we want to the land. We can not say anything because of fear. When contacted with Nur Islam Sheikh, who is accused of knowing about this, said that the allegation against me is completely false. We did not occupy any of the land. Land and shop rooms are completely mine, I bought them in a decent way. Kandi Union Chairman Uttam Kumar Baroi said, “I heard the allegations that Nour Islam Sheikh occupied the government and the private land. In order to take quick action about this, demanding from the authorities of the development. Kotalipara Upazila Nirbahi Officer SM Mahfuzur Rahman said that legal action will be taken against the accused immediately. All Video From Google Report by Nihar Ranjan Biswas

leaked naked pictures and videos of a converted woman  by her Muslim husband through the Facebook, in Kushtia.

leaked naked pictures and videos of a converted woman  by her Muslim husband through the Facebook, in Kushtia. Cheater husband arrested on charges of victim’s wife (1st October, 2018), a Muslim boy named Nazmul Hossain, was converted a Hindu college student as Muslim from a poor family of Kushtia. After four years of marriage, cutting off the hair of her head, Nazmul Hossain, uploading nude photos on Facebook. A group Police of Kushtia Model Police Station arrested him on Monday evening from Shapla Chattar area of ​​the city. Earlier, at afternoon, this college student filed a complaint against the deceiver named Nazmul Hossain to the Kushtia Model Police Station under Section 57 of the Information Technology Act 2013. A BBA student of Kushtia Government College, Suma Rajbongshi alias Mosammat Aisha Khatun, told the journalists that on the way to Kushtia Government Women’s College, about four years ago, Nazmul Hossain, son of Rafiqul Islam of Jugia Haat in Kushtia municipal area, He often teased her. Nazmul then introduced himself to the student as a minority Hindu. At one stage, relationship of them developed. At one stage of the relationship, on November 24, 2015, Nazmul took the college girl to the marriage and took her to Kushtia Sadar upazila of Bettail area near a local Kazi. At this time Nazmul said to him, “I am Muslim, you must be a Muslim”. Knowing the identity of Muslim identity, the college student refused to marry Nazmul. At that time, Nazmul and her unknown 3-4 people signed her on two stamps made before by him with intimidation and got married to him by giving a nomination papers as a Muslim. In the name of marriage, the real name of the father’s father is changed to the name of Sujon Rajbangshi to Sheikh Imtiaz Ali and mother’s name is Afroza Begum Mala written instead of Mala Rajbangshis. After one and a half years of the marriage, the college student known that Nazmul was married, he had two children and he was involved in various misdeeds. Asking Nazmul about all these things, he started extreme physical torture on the student. When the level of physical torture reached the extreme, she was forced to leave his father’s house. On June 26, at around 11 am, Nazmul accepted the motor cycle and admitted to the student’s house and apologized for forgiveness. After apologizing, Nazmul said that he went to Batalbariya Satbariya area under Kushtia’s Mirpur upazila and physically tortured her. At one stage Nazmul had cut hair of her head after being forced into the pocket. At the same time he snatched her used mobile phone. At the time, the locals fled Nazmul after fleeing their screams. After receiving the news, family members rescued her and brought home. After this incident, Nazmul threatened to his father-in-law and all family members that, if they took shelter from any law and order in this incident, their nude picture and video during relationship will disclose through the Facebook, Internet and social networks. After a few days, Nazmul had previously known student’s Facebook ID and passwords and sent nude picture and video from this Facebook ID to the known people of this girl. The victims Suma Rajbongshi is a only daughter of day laborer Sujan Rajbongshi of Barakhada North-Para area. After converted was […]