Spreading hate against all non-muslim

See the below, how spreading hate against all non-Muslims from childhood.

See the below, how spreading hate against all non-Muslims from childhood.Character of a non-Muslim:Islam says: Give Zakat to the poor in Allah’s way.In response: He says that if the zakat is given, my property will be reduced. I’ll take interest on my money.Islam says: always speak the truth. And refrain from lying.He answers: What do I do by accepting such a truth ? So that I will only be harmed, no profit. And why should I refrain from lying, which will be beneficial for me so that there is no fear of corruption ?He crossed a deserted road and saw a valuable thing.Islam says: This is not your wealth, but you can not accept this thing.Answer: He says, why would I leave the things that come automatically ? There is no one here, seeing that, who will informed the Police or witness the in court. Then why would I not be benefited from the money collected ?In every step of life, Islam will instruct him to follow a special path, and non-Muslim will follow the full opposite path. Because, the value of everything in Islam is determined by the results of the Hereafter. But the non-Muslim person thinks about each and every situation about the consequences of the world. Why people can not be Muslim without faith in the Hereafter, it is clearly understood. It is not far away from being a Muslim, in fact, non-Muslim people reject the Hereafter and non-Muslim people go to the lower level than animals.NB: The above information has been added to the purpose of all Muslims in the fifth grade book Named “Islam and Moral Education” published by National Curriculum and Textbook Board Dhaka, Bangladesh. There is no similarity with reality. This book has been reprinted in last 2018. On the 16th and 17th no page of this book, the insidious writings above have been there. Report by: Nihar Ranjan Biswas.