Why are the Hindus leaving Bangladesh ?

Violence on Bangladeshi Hindus in 2010.
Why are the Hindus leaving Bangladesh ?
Boni Amin: Attack on Hindus in Bangladesh, religion group under attack.
Attack on Hindus planned national human rights commission.
Five Hindu Temples attacked last week.
Peoples come and left after vandalizing the temple the broke the deities at their WHIMS. They waged the attack from three directions our existence has no value. They beat the people and took away all the valuable from the Temples, they broke the statue, arrested nine. We will soon be able to arrest the remaining by identifying them.

They have destroyed our home. I was not at home. T have returned yesterday as two of our fellow confirmed that police had come. No Hindu had their meal at home now. But cannot sleep. Everything is burned all of our documents of land, all our clothes, all our belongings.
I am in fear. I am afraid of what will come in the future. I do not know what fate will have store for me.
MY daughter was kidnapped and found after 2 hours raped. At half past midnight on 15 th August 2010, hoodlums attacked my husband with the intention to kill him. While the case was going on, I went to the superintendent of Police to ask for a proper verdict on the attempt to kill my husband. The superintendent ordered me to withdraw the case. He then grabbed me, disrobed me and kissed me on both cheeks. I try to break free. When I threatened to scream then he started beating me in many ways not to tell anyone what happens or he would kill my husband in crossfire. He threatened me in many ways no to tell the story. I was tortured badly by the superintendent, but he was not punished, only transferred.
At that moments eight to ten men grabbed me, some tore up my clothes and showed me to others. While they were pulling me, I pushed them away from me. And I ran away. I was horrific, some pulling my arms and some my legs. I was fear in my life. They wanted to kill me. Some of them lets strip her. They said they wanted us to leave, asking why we are still here. India is your is neighboring country. Leave this country and go there. Even Police And Military were present at the time, when the incident was tasking place. But they didn’t try to stop it. They said to the perpetrators, you carry on we are with you. What do you think would happen if you filed a case ? They would come at night and kill me.
Devarshi Srivas Das(Protestor): All of us have assembled here because they (Fundamentalists) are destroying our Temples, they are breaking the Idols of our deities and they are also burning down our religious texts and the holy books of Bhagavad Gita. We want help from the government because we are the minority group in the country. We are therefore protesting. 

(Modified setup by- Nihar Ranjan Biswas)

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