Why so much objection to talking about Hindu rights ? Shipan Kumer Basu.

Mendi Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu
Mendi Safadi and Shipan Kumer Basu
We know that Jerusalem is the holy place of the Jews. The City of Jerusalem has 3,000 years of epic history. Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times so far. Siege, occupation and recovery have been 44 times. It has been surrounded 23 times and it has been destroyed twice. After the formation of Israel in 1948, as the first country the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal.
Although the influential countries of the world recognize Jerusalem as Israel, Palestinians have not withdrawn from Jerusalem because the Muslim-dominated countries have provoked Palestinians for mant years. Recently, the government of 70 Muslim countries in the OIC conference issued a statement on behalf of the Palestinians about Jerusalem, among them Hasina of Bangladesh.
According to the 2016, 48.2 lakh population lives in Palestine. For this small number of people, 70 Muslim countries make statements unanimously, as well as some non-Muslim countries. On the other hand, the world community repeatedly meets for a million Rohingyas who are living as a refugee in Bangladesh, a meeting with the Rohingyas also held in the United Nations, there is a meeting in Europe and America. But no one has given any statement to 30 million Hindus of Bangladesh and 50.5 million Hindus, living as refugees in India, coming from Bangladesh to being deportation. There is no meeting anywhere for them. Today a big question arises, do world leaders really work for the minority and the oppressed ? Or do they think that working for Muslims is their only sacred duty.
It is to be noted that, after the Second World War in 1947, 50.5 million Hindus have been deported from Bangladesh and have come to India. In 1950, more than 5 million Hindus were forced to migrate from Bangladesh in India. From 1947 to 1952, the Hindus of East Bengal came down from 29% to 22%, you will not find this information in the history recorded by Muslims. Because they will never reveal the correct information about Hindu torture, it is known to everyone at least.
Then, from 1971 to April 2019, at that time, the Hindus left for India in the Khaleda Zia government of BNP-Jamaat, Jatiya Party’s Ershad government and the communal Hasina Govt. of Awami League party. Under the rule of all the govt of Bangladesh, Hindus was not good. According to the government, there are almost 10% or 17 million Hindu population in Bangladesh. According to our calculations, this number will be minimum 30 million.
Although Bangladesh was independent, Hindus did not even enjoy the true freedom today. Hindu torture is the same before and after independence. Rather, during the Hasina government, Hindu torture has increased multiple times. Yet, the world community is keeping complete silence. Only showing condolences for Palestinians and Rohingyas.
I think, the problem of Hindus in Bangladesh is an old and biggest problem. Therefore, the world community will first seek to solve the problems of the Hindus of Bangladesh. Then think about the problems of Palestinians and Rohingyas.
Moreover, the Indian government should send back all the Hindu refugees coming from Bangladesh by NRC all over India. Motherland is like a mother, everyone knows it. Due to the beloved motherland, Hindus are living very hard on the soil of India today left the motherland Bangladesh. To meet the relatives of the family in India, they have to face various problem. Many people can not meet with relatives because of poverty. Since their birthplace in Bangladesh and their ancestors’ graves are in Bangladesh, so the responsibility of India to return them to Bangladesh. This will reduce the refugee problem of India and Hindus will also be able to live with their relatives in the motherland.
Through a few online magazines, I came to know that Indian PM Modiji is going to Bangladesh soon to worship in Dhakeswari Mandir, Dhaka. We want to give importance to the visit of Modi to Bangladesh. With the worship of the Dhakeswari temple, Modiji announced the reclamation of the lands of Hindus who were occupied. Because, all the Hindus who have taken shelter in India from Bangladesh; While most of them came to India, they were not able to sell their land and fled with any kind of livelihood. Later, these lands are occupied by Muslims. So all of us have the power to rescue these lands and return them to the original owner.
Finally, to restore the full rights of the Jews in Jerusalem, and 50.5 million Hindus are living in India as refugees by sending back total 80.5 million Hindus to ensure safe living in Bangladesh. After the problem of the Jews and Hindus is resolved, the issue of Palestinians and Rohingyas should be brought forward. Besides, I also think that there is no success in the work, and its reputation is not without continuity. Therefore, the world community should maintain the continuity and discipline of the work.
Shipon Kumar Basu
June 11, 2019/ Senior reporter
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