A minority Hindu woman raped in Satkhira, cut fingers of both hands and feet and strangled kill, and has poured chemicals on her dead body.

Pushpa Rani Das
Pushpa Rani Das /file photo/whsc
A minority Hindu woman raped in Satkhira, cut fingers of both hands and feet and strangled kill, and has poured chemicals on her dead body.
Later, identified her as Pushpa Rani Das of Barat village of Tala.
In connection with the death of Pushp Rani, his son Jaydev Das filed a murder case at Tala Police Station on Friday night, without making any names of the accused.
On Saturday afternoon going to visit the Barat village, Chitta Ranjan Das, Mahadev Das, Parimal Das, Bholanath Das, Arun Das, Laxmi Rani Das and some others said that on october 29, 2016 Manoranjan Das has died. From then Pushpa Rani Das was working in the daily wages of Amjad Hossain and his son Sirajul’s Betel field of the same village. On Friday, June 20, at the end of the work, she went to tailor Parvin Khatun, daughter of Mohabbat Gazi of the same village around 5:30 pm, to bring a blouse. She had no enemies.
Parvin Khatun said that a phone call come to Pushpa Rani Das, while she was in my house.
After getting the phone, she goes to Mohona Bazar and then she said me I will take blouse on way back. Pushpa Rani’s mobile phone has been closed from around seven in the night.
Belal Sheikh of Barat village said that, I went to see my own jute fields at around 12:00pm on Friday. When there, a bad smell coming from inside, after going to inside of the jute fields then I find a woman lying naked. Then he came back in the home and called his elder brother Rabiul to the spot.
Rabiul, his brother Bellal, their father, Wahab Sheikh, neighbors Mofizul Sheikh, and some others said that, many times the jute tree broken by dog and then we saw same condition in this place. The woman, who had a foot folding on a Lunge (Man wearing dress) and one feet tall add was naked. She was kept on a Lunge. There all fingers of her hands and feets were cut. Signs that have been strangled with rope in the neck. Even if the body is melted, one side of the face is good and the pushpa Rani can be detected by the hair. However, after rape, thought that after being strangled with a rope and cutting her fingers, so that no one could not be identified by the chemicals in the body and left her in the jute field.
However, talking to some people around the estuary area and where the body was found, Gopal Das, son of Kartik Das of Barat village, brought her to the mobile phone. However, when gone to Gopal Das house, his son Shavankar Das said that he has gone to repair the mobile phone. It was not possible to talk to Gopal Das till 8am on Sunday.
Meanwhile, Officer-in-Charge of Tala Police Station Mehedi Rasel said, on Friday night, the eldest son of Joydev filed a murder case with the police station without mentioning any name. Although it is initially thought to be murder, it can not be said of rape or death of her till the autopsy report is not received. However, as well as the mobile call list of the deceased, the names of those people who have emerged as suspicious are being checked and their mobile call records and verification are being done. He is hopeful that soon it’s mystery will be revealed.
In the meantime, on 20th June, on the evening of Thursday, Pushpa Rani Das, wife of Monoranjan Das of Barat village of Tala upazila, did not return home to bring blouse from the house of the tailor’s house. In this incident, her eldest son Mahadev made a general diary on 22 June police station. On June 28, at 2 pm, police barat village add. Police recovered the molten body of Pushpa Rani from Wahab Sheikh’s jute field leased by Kismat Ali. Satkhira Sadar Hospital morgue after the autopsy was conducted at 8 pm on Saturday at Bhagba crematorium.
Here found her dead body