“Aditi Baral” have been stabbed for the fourth time

Aditi Baral photo
Injured Aditi Baral/whsc photo
A Hindus woman “Aditi Baral” have been stabbed for the fourth time. Aditi Baral is a daughter of late Adv. Kalidash Baral, former Upazila chairman of Chitalmari Upazila of Bagerhat district and Mrs. Happy Baral, a parliamentarian of the reserved seat of the Parliament, couple. The incident took place at Krishnanagar Government Dormitory building in Pirojpur district around 1:30 pm, today(25th July). Later, Aditi Barel was taken to the Pirojpur Sadar Hospital for treatment. Earlier in the same trial she was tried to murder, on 3rd July and 9th November, 2018 and 16th December 2017. Police have not arrested anyone till now, though the case was filed at Pirojpur Sadar police station after each incident. It is to be noted that, Aditya Baral’s father Adv. Kalidas Baral was shot dead by Sheikh Hasina’s brother, Sheikh Helal’s group, on August 20 at 8:00 am at Sadhana tarning point of Bagerhat District town.Adv. Kalidas Baral was the president of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council of Bagerhat district and former chairman of the Chitlmari Upazila.