Bangladesh needs a truly secular government to stop minority oppression.

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During Meeting
Pravhakar Roy, chief editor of “” online  Bangla newspaper ” and Dibyatanay Joardar, state (WB) president of the “Youthing Action” organization came to our GIEBCN company office in this morning and had a long discussion on the topic of Bangladesh. At this time, Prabhakar Roy said, “I strongly condemn the recent mud raiding in Bangladesh in connection with the accusation of human rights activist Priya Saha, who complained to the US President Donald Trump about Hindu persecution of Bangladesh on 17th July,2019. She also said that the allegations of Priya Saha are substantially true, that if you visit different states of India, the evidence will be found. Priya Saha has said that 37 million people in the minority community are missing. If I search in India’s Bengali-dominated areas, there will be more Bangladeshi people who were forced to leave India after 1947, because of the persecution of radical Muslims. They are still living as refugees on Indian soil. Terming the allegation of human rights activist Priya Saha as timely, he said that all minority organizations in Bangladesh and even all Hindu organizations in India should stand with Priya Saha. The minorities of Bangladesh are passing through a very critical period. Even though the so-called secular government in Bangladesh is in power, minority oppression has never stopped, but minority oppression has multiplied more than any other time. Therefore, unless this oppressive government can be removed from power and establish a new, democratic and secular government, minority oppression will never stop in Bangladesh. “I have visited Bangladesh several times and talked to various Hindu organizations in Bangladesh,” said Dibyatanay Joardar, president of the Youthing Action organization. Through the organizations I learned that during the current government, Hindu torture has increased manifold. They also state that the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council, the largest minority organization in Bangladesh, is always busy defending the government’s image rather than working for the welfare of the minorities. They have never presented the exact information of minority torture to the world. If anyone looks at their program, the Hindu- Buddhist-Christian Unity Council has tendered to protect the image of the government! That is why they expelled Priya Saha. Shipan Kumer Basu, president of World Hindu Struggle Committee, Tapa Prakash Sana, Manager of the GIEBCN Company and Nihar Ranjan Biswas, chief media coordinator of the World Hindu Straggle Committee were present in this meeting. Reported by Nihar Ranjan Biswas, Chief media Coordinator of WHSC