Our Mission

World Hindu Struggle Committee here To provide a global platform for Hindus to connect, share ideas, inspire one another, and impact the common good.

The Hindu minority in particular and other minorities in general, especially the minorities living in the Middle East and Asia, are persecuted and threatened with ethnic cleansing, as in Bangladesh and in Arab and Islamic countries, and it is our obligation in the free world to stand against any attempt to harm Hindu minorities and other minorities such as Buddhism and Christians in the Middle East, Druze, Yazidis, Assyrians, and others.
Our activity in recent years to bring the voices of minorities to the international arena focuses mainly on diplomatic and political issues, but we also examine the legal possibilities to bring to the international court petitions against governments that violate human rights and harm minorities, and the government of Bangladesh is the government that most harms minorities, Ethnic cleansing against Hindus in the country, And it is likely to be the first government to be sued by the International Court of Justice to stop human rights violations and ethnic cleansing against minorities.

Here is some key point of WHSC’c mission.

-> Protect Hindu heritages Globally, Spread out peace & Harmony, Unite world community by learning ancient Vedic Culture.

-> Protect every human being by educating them ancient Vedic Culture. Consolidate, strengthen and make invincible the global Hindu fraternity by following the eternal and universal values, based on Vedic Sanatan Dharma(Hindu Dharma) and work for the total welfare of humanity.

⇒ To bring about universal love, peace, and harmony in the world by reiterating and reaffirming the fundamental principles to liquidate public passions.

⇒ To create a think tank that would proactively articulate the holistic and integral perspective on all vital issues and themes concerning Hindu Dharma and Hindu Heritage globally.

⇒ To establish Chair of Hindu learning in various internal institutions, Corporate hoodies, Research institutes & Foundations, Universities, globally.

⇒ To publish books, booklets, pamphlets, journals, newspapers etc.; to produce audio, visual and video materials and to harness the modern electronic mass media, such as the Internet, TV channels etc.
-> International help & Immediate relief to Victimised human beings.
-> Register new think tanks, students.
-> Raise up funds for immediate relief and help and educate poor families worldwide.