Sixty one families blocked in their own land in Gopalganj district.

Sixty one families blocked in their own land in Gopalganj, travel by ladders.
Hindu widow Alomati Biswas is passing each day eating or without eating, of Nayakandi Tarur Bazar of Kandi Union of Kotalipara upazila of Gopalganjin Bangladesg.

They had a shop in the market. Her son used to do business in the shop. They used to have their family with this income. The house has broken the land grabber Nurul Islam Sheikh. Such accusations are not just the case of Alomati Biswas, but also like widows Chipamoni Biswas, Arati Biswas, Subodh Samadder, Sukharanjan Joydhar, Khagen Biswas, Shanti Joydhar, Akkas Sheikh, Nurui Islam and the same type of complaint. They said that the influential businessman of Karafa village of Tungipara upazila has occupied the government land including private land in Nayakandi Taru Bazar of the Kokilipara upazila. 61 families and businessmen have been trapped due to lifting a long wall over the occupied land. Victim Shajahan Bepari said that the family members of these families had to travel through the wall with a ladder. They have suffered severe problems. It is threatened to protest against this. As a result many do not want to talk about fear.

I quickly demanded the punishment of the culprits with my return of land. Another victim, Aroj Ali, said, “I have occupied eight decimal land of there of my three brothers with Nur Islam and we threatened our destruction if we want to the land. We can not say anything because of fear. When contacted with Nur Islam Sheikh, who is accused of knowing about this, said that the allegation against me is completely false. We did not occupy any of the land. Land and shop rooms are completely mine, I bought them in a decent way. Kandi Union Chairman Uttam Kumar Baroi said, “I heard the allegations that Nour Islam Sheikh occupied the government and the private land. In order to take quick action about this, demanding from the authorities of the development. Kotalipara Upazila Nirbahi Officer SM Mahfuzur Rahman said that legal action will be taken against the accused immediately.

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Report by Nihar Ranjan Biswas