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Bangladeshi media: Prominent Muslim human rights activist arrested.

Aslam Chowdhury, a prominent Muslim minority and human rights activist who also serves as the BNP Central Joint Secretary General in Bangladesh, was displayed arrested recently in the Bangladeshi media and is presently in jail after being disqualified from running in the elections later this month. According to the report, the Police surrounded his home for three hours when a meeting was being held there and 25 leaders were arrested. Later on, Mr. Chowdhury revealed that he was not arrested but his elder brother Nizam Uddin Chowdhury and 17 other members of his political team were. This incident came after the Bangladeshi Election Committee cleared Mr. Chowdhury to run for Chattogram 4 in the upcoming elections. Mendi Safadi, who presently heads the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, heavily criticized the incident: “When the election committee prevents Aslam Chowdhury and other opposition politicians from running for elections, in order to increase the chances of winning the elections, under international law, this is equivalent to falsifying elections. This is the conduct of an unfit election campaign and we will consider our actions in this case.” “It is not enough that the government announced without warning in mid-November that the elections would be held at the end of December, and immediately afterwards, there was an unprecedented wave of arrests of tens of thousands of political activists, which was carried out to rig the election results in favor of the corrupt Sheikh Hasina government,” Safadi proclaimed, noting that 15,000 opposition activists were recently arrested and most of the detained are Hindus. “She refuses to face popular candidates from the opposition and this goes against any democratic value.” Safadi declared in response: “We will turn to the United Nations and the European Parliament in the coming days and submit a special report to each of the parliaments in Europe, the Kremlin and the US Congress in order to give protection to the opposition in Bangladesh so that opposition candidates will be able to vote and to be elected transparently and legally.” A couple of years ago, Chowdhury was arrested after meeting with Safadi, who formerly served as Ayoob Kara’s chief of staff. The Bangladeshi government alleged that he was part of an Israeli plot to topple the Bangladeshi government but Safadi related that the real reason he was arrested was due to his role in the country’s opposition. Bangladesh has no diplomatic relations with Israel and Bangladeshi citizens are barred from visiting the Jewish state. According to the Gatestone Institute, during every Friday sermon, the Jewish people are cursed from more than 250,000 mosques in the country. In addition, Sheikh Hasina declared that Bangladesh is an Islamic state: “Anyone who pronounces offensive statements against it or against the Prophet Muhammed will be prosecuted according to the law.” by Rachel Avraham  |  on December 11th, 2018 News source:

Priya Saha: A Courageous Bangladeshi Hindu Woman of Valor.

Dictatorial regimes usually like to bully small ordinary people into submission.  They think just because they have absolute power that they will succeed against the underdog.  However, famous American writer Mark Twain once wrote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight.  It is the size of the fight in the dog.”  In other words, one does not need to be big and powerful in order to be a heroine.  One only needs to have the courage and determination to stand up to a mighty adversary in order to be victorious.   Bangladeshi Hindu activist Priya Saha has proved this point in recent days.   Last March of this year, the home of Priya Saha, a Bangladeshi Hindu woman, was burnt to the ground.  Her lands were subsequently occupied by radical Muslims.   Following this tragic incident, instead of crying in silence over her fate, Saha visited the White House and appealed to US President Donald Trump at the Oval Office regarding her plight and that of other Hindus within Bangladesh.  In retaliation, the Bangladeshi government accused her of sedition and filed a number of legal cases against her.  So far, some of these cases have been dismissed.  Others are awaiting a decision.   Numerous Bangladeshi media outlets have also slandered her name. Furthermore, Sajeeb Wazeed, the son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, declared that the US Embassy in Dhaka chose her to speak as part of a delegation merely so she could make outrageous statements: “The only logical outcome of making such a claim to the US President is to build demand for a military intervention in the region on humanitarian grounds. This ties in with another US Congressman’s recent statement that Bangladesh should take over Rakhine state. It is no secret that the US Embassy is decidedly anti-Awami League. With their support of Priya Saha’s statement, they now appear to be plotting a direct takeover of our country.” So many powerful people in Bangladesh are ganging up on Priya Saha due to her courageous stance.  However, because she believes that justice is on her side, she is determined to stand up to the Sheikh Hasina government and to defend her right to live peacefully in her home in the international arena.   Shanti Datta, President of Shiv Sena of West Bengal, India and Pradip Ghosh, Secretary General of Shiv Sena of West Bengal, India and President of the West Bengal Region of the World Hindu Struggle Committee, related that all of Saha’s statements to US President Donald Trump are 100 percent true and that they will always be on the side of Priya Saha.  Every day, the Hindu community of Bangladesh is suffering.   Congressman Bob Dold said in the US Congress that “since 1947, 4.9 million Hindus have disappeared from Bangladesh. Hindus are being tortured. Dangerous incidents of murder, rape, abduction, physical abuse and the destruction of the temples are happening every day in Bangladesh.” In 2016, Professor Abul Barkat of the Economics Department at the University of Dhaka wrote in his book ‘The Political Economy of Reforming Agriculture – Land-Water Bodies in Bangladesh’, 626 Bangladeshi Hindus are leaving the country on average daily. According to him, if this situation continues, the Hindu religion will not exist within the country within three decades. According to the research performed by Dr. Subodh […]