Hindu killed in Bangladesh

A Hindu primary teacher was stabbed to killed in daylight in Chandipur

The deceased have been identified as Jayanti Chakraborty, a teacher of Sholaghar Government Primary School in Chandpur town. This incident occurred on Sunday (July 21th) at 5 pm in the dilapidated third floor building of the city’s Sholghar Wabda Colony. The house of Jayanti Chakravarty is in Sadar Upazila of the district. She used to live with her husband Alok Goswami in the water development board’s colony. She has 2 sons and 2 daughters. Police said that some students went to private tuition near Jayanti at around 5:00 pm. Seeing Jayanti’s dead body, calls 999. Upon receiving the news, police arrived at the scene. Now the husband of that teacher is in Dhaka. He is a retired employee of the Water Development Board. Chandpur Model Police Station’s Sub-Inspector Anup Chakraborty said that the teacher was alone at home. She took leave from headmaster on Saturday school. No one was at her residence at the time of the incident. The incident is being investigated. Meanwhile, Chandpur Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration & Crime) Mizanur Rahman and Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Zahed Parvez Chowdhury visited the site.

A minority Hindu woman raped in Satkhira, cut fingers of both hands and feet and strangled kill, and has poured chemicals on her dead body.

A minority Hindu woman raped in Satkhira, cut fingers of both hands and feet and strangled kill, and has poured chemicals on her dead body. Later, identified her as Pushpa Rani Das of Barat village of Tala.In connection with the death of Pushp Rani, his son Jaydev Das filed a murder case at Tala Police Station on Friday night, without making any names of the accused.On Saturday afternoon going to visit the Barat village, Chitta Ranjan Das, Mahadev Das, Parimal Das, Bholanath Das, Arun Das, Laxmi Rani Das and some others said that on october 29, 2016 Manoranjan Das has died. From then Pushpa Rani Das was working in the daily wages of Amjad Hossain and his son Sirajul’s Betel field of the same village. On Friday, June 20, at the end of the work, she went to tailor Parvin Khatun, daughter of Mohabbat Gazi of the same village around 5:30 pm, to bring a blouse. She had no enemies.Parvin Khatun said that a phone call come to Pushpa Rani Das, while she was in my house. After getting the phone, she goes to Mohona Bazar and then she said me I will take blouse on way back. Pushpa Rani’s mobile phone has been closed from around seven in the night.Belal Sheikh of Barat village said that, I went to see my own jute fields at around 12:00pm on Friday. When there, a bad smell coming from inside, after going to inside of the jute fields then I find a woman lying naked. Then he came back in the home and called his elder brother Rabiul to the spot.Rabiul, his brother Bellal, their father, Wahab Sheikh, neighbors Mofizul Sheikh, and some others said that, many times the jute tree broken by dog and then we saw same condition in this place. The woman, who had a foot folding on a Lunge (Man wearing dress) and one feet tall add was naked. She was kept on a Lunge. There all fingers of her hands and feets were cut. Signs that have been strangled with rope in the neck. Even if the body is melted, one side of the face is good and the pushpa Rani can be detected by the hair. However, after rape, thought that after being strangled with a rope and cutting her fingers, so that no one could not be identified by the chemicals in the body and left her in the jute field.However, talking to some people around the estuary area and where the body was found, Gopal Das, son of Kartik Das of Barat village, brought her to the mobile phone. However, when gone to Gopal Das house, his son Shavankar Das said that he has gone to repair the mobile phone. It was not possible to talk to Gopal Das till 8am on Sunday.Meanwhile, Officer-in-Charge of Tala Police Station Mehedi Rasel said, on Friday night, the eldest son of Joydev filed a murder case with the police station without mentioning any name. Although it is initially thought to be murder, it can not be said of rape or death of her till the autopsy report is not received. However, as well as the mobile call list of the deceased, the names of those people who have emerged as suspicious are being checked and their mobile […]

Hindu Video Grapher Prashanta “Kumar Das” ‘killed in a gunfight’ or ‘planned murder’!

Senior staff reporter: A young man named Proshanta Kumar Das (29) was killed in ‘gunfight’ with members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) at Bibir Bazar border in Comilla Sadar.BGB claimed that Proshanta was a drug dealer. A incident of gunfight between drug delar and a special patrol of Comilla’s Bibir Bazar BOP in Songrish Baribandh area inside of 3 kilometer from the border pillar no 2082. Prashanta Kumar Das was seriously injured in this gunfight. Later, the victim died in the Comilla Medical College Hospital.According to BGB, 2200 pieces of Yaba and 30 bottles of Phensidyl were recovered after searching the place.Locals and family members of Prashanta claimed that he was a videographer.Prashanta, son of Badal Chandra Das of Comilla’s Moglatuli area. Prashanta’s mother died after fighting with cancer on 22nd of the last month. Prashanta’s family claims that he was never associated with drugs. There is no case even in his name. Many people in the area know him as a videographer. Can also be seen him in various video shows programs of the district administration. According to the statement of the eldest brother of the deceased, Ramu Chandra Das, on Thursday afternoon, a friend named Nazmul said that he is invited from the house to Prashanta. Later we came to know that they 2-3 people went to the border of Lakshmipur areas and they were arrested there. We go there immediately, see their pictures being taken in the camp.Ramu said, did not allow us to go inside the camp. Later, 10 BGB cars came to Kotwari BGB office. We go there. Outside our mobile number, the name address did not allow us to get inside. There we have sent one person 20 thousand taka. So let him release. ‘We know that one will kill and leave another one. We were waiting at 10pm at Laksmipur camp again. But they killed my brother and send Nazmul to the court. Nazmul did yaba business. After the tragedy, our 20 thousand taka were returned again. “Said the deceased Prashanta’s elder brother Ramu Chandra Chandra.There was widespread suspicion and mixed reaction in the public about this gunfight. Local people want a neutral investigation of the whole issue.Prashanta Kumar Das’s angry and sad family members claimed that Prashanta has been unfairly victimized extra-judicial killings. Those responsible for this killing will be identified by a fair investigation and will be subjected to exemplary punishment.2nd July, 2019.