Stop Puja/ Worship money robbery 2018

Worship money robbery, Police S.I. in the list of suspects!

Hijacking 4 lakhs taka of Durgapuja, the finger of suspicion is on S.I. Atiar Rahman. The opposite position of police and Hindus in Nariya, the possibility of closure of Durgapuja. S.I. Atiar Rahman of Nariya Police station, on unauthorized charges arrested Palash Shil treasurer of Panchok village Puja celebration committee on 2nd October 2018, Tuesday. Family members said that during the arrest of Palash, SI Atiar Rahman took 4 lakh taka from his house. They also said that, the villagers gave this 4 lakhs money for upcoming Durga Puja. Besides, SI Atiar Rahman also threatened them and said that, if they announced regard of this 4 lakhs taka, then he would be killed in crossfire by giving more drugs in the hand of Palash Shil. It has been mentioned in the case that he was arrested in Bajeshwar South Market area. Palash is now in prison in a drug case. Although the witnesses in the police case said differently. The witness said – wrote the complete lie on paper and police took him away from his house. Locals claim that there is a problem in police activities. There was no mention in the seized list, which 4 lakh takas was took police at the time of the arrest to Palash. However, Nariya Police Station O.C. (officer incharge) said, already 1 lakh 80 thousand taka has been refunded to the family of Palash. Family members say no money was returned to us. When Jamuna News tried to contact with SI Atiar Rahman, he did not agree to talk about this. Hindus of the area said that if the 4 lakhs of taka are not rescued urgently, Durga Puja will be automatically stopped in the Pakchar village due to lack of money. Reported by: Nihar Ranjan Biswas.